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One of two Puma-made efforts in The Championship, with both red home shirts going head-to-head in South Yorkshire.

This Barnsley home number has just enough about it to move it into the ‘decent’ category, and away from the plain shirt troubles that I’m sure clubs with one dominant traditional colour have to deal with every season.

If you look closely, there’s a ‘two-tone sublimation graphic of the club crest’, which basically means some detail in the background to break up the red a bit (I think). It works.

The cut of the collar works well, too, and the colour of it matches nicely with the trim on the cuffs, the Puma logo, and the lines on the shoulders and flanks.

I don’t know what ‘The Investment Room’ is, and in honesty it sounds like the extras room in a skin bar, but their logo is smart enough and nothing looks out of place. I’d be concerned I’d lose the sponsor and Puma badge after a couple of washes, but that’s really not for me to worry about right now.

At least the stonking embroidered badge would stand the test of time (and 40 degrees). Decent, like I said.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg