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For what seems at first glance like a fairly basic shirt, there’s an awful lot to unpick here, most of which is marketing gibberish.

It’s a ‘cool, contemporary look’ (we’ll be the judge of that, thanks), is ‘finished in brilliant white’ (it’s white), and has a ‘crossover v neckline’. I’m not entirely sure that name even makes sense, but I do like the neck, and the matching cuffs work nicely.

The pièce de resistance is the ‘marl raglan sleeves in an oil blue hue’, which is frankly nonsense, but doesn’t take away from the fact that the sleeves tie the whole shirt together a treat.

Embroidered tonal crest, plus matching Umbro and Sponsor’s logos are just sensible touches you love to see.

Despite the fact that white shirts generally petrify me into imagining them covered in tomato sauce or ale, I’m a big fan of this shirt, or a ‘grand jersey devotee’ as the Marketing team would probably call me.