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Hands up who was expecting a turquoise AND teal colour scheme in the shirt world this season?

There’s a lot going on here – raglan sleeves (fine), tonal club crest (thumbs up, with a massive high five for it being embroidered), and a background graphic ‘based on Bournemouth’s famous pier’. I’ve stared at the latter for 10 minutes and can’t pick out the apparent pier, frustratingly, so marks deducted with the caveat it might be my peepers failing me – I always was rubbish at Magic Eye pictures.

Sponsor’s logo starts ok here, but tails-off towards the end due to background jazz.

In summary, it’ll likely divide opinion but it’s still good to see Umbro & Bournemouth trying something together, whereas other clubs seemingly couldn’t be bothered drifting from the norm.


Author: Greg Sykes @SykesGreg