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Over time there has always been a want and a need among people to have something that not very many others may have, something of association to a big brand, or simply something that is popular or may draw the attention of others. These products are part of a growing, and currently popular market, called the “Hype Market”. Examples of this market can be brands like Supreme or Off-White as well as sneakers such as Adidas’ Yeezy or Nike’s Jordan 1. This new type of wear is popular for its uniquity, looks, and rarity but has not really been seen in football aside from seasonal or memorabilia in football, at least until recently. The biggest club who is taking this “hype” kit style has been France’s Paris Saint-Germain and wow, how have they succeeded.

            Paris Saint-Germain has only recently come into the football scene and have been establishing themselves as a European Powerhouse as of late. The club’s kit also happens to be the only kit in the world that is produced by the Jordan Brand, which generally deals with basketball and streetwear items. While Nike, who owns the brand, makes the home and away kits, Jordan is left to produce special kits as well as streetwear for the club. This year Jordan was handed the job of designing a third kit for the club, and it is safe to say they did a magnificent job in the color scheme, trimming, and materials. The new Jordan third kit is burgundy with a light pinstripe variant for the base of the kit with a gold sponsor, crest, and the iconic Jordan Jumpman, finished off by black and white shoulders and collar. The jersey is also made from 100% recycled materials to meet green standards as well as using Nike “Dri-Fit” technology to repel against water.

            The finish of the jersey is clean and can be easily worn with anything on really any occasion. The neutral colors really make the gold of the crest and sponsor pop on the jersey which to me is important, as many beautiful kits can be ruined by an ugly sponsor or make them harder to wear in certain environments or occasions. The burgundy base of the kit also is just a very subtle yet unique color for the kit as it pops out but in a classy way instead of loud and obnoxious. Now how does this kit expand over to multiple markets and make its voice heard to more people than just football fans? The kit was released along with many other articles of clothing that can complete the outfit and appeal to multiple markets and common cross markets.

            The uniqueness of this jersey comes when you pair it with that of the Jordan 4 Retro trainers that match the color of the kit and have a PSG crest at the heel. This opens up the kit to appeal to people who may have an interest in trainers and fashion. While home and away kits display the team’s colors, third kits have always been the kit which clubs tend to make their unique and special jersey for a season that has its own personality away from the club itself while still being associated with the club’s ideals. Many clubs go with a shirt that may be neon, have a unique pattern or commemorate a historic moment for the club or its home area, yet PSG have gone with one that’s a fashion statement. In my personal opinion, this is a perfect third jersey for a club that is looking to appeal to celebrities and boasts players Mbappe and Neymar. I don’t agree by any means with the club, and they tend to go against what I love about the sport, but I respect the way the club has gone about building a club that may appeal to non-football fans and has that sexy Paris mentality. With this being said, the club has killed their third kit, and it stands for what the club stands for and captures the club’s celebrity attitude. Well done to Paris on this one, teaching us how to make a great third jersey.

Author: Riley Moore  

Twitter: @RileyMooooore 

Instagram: @rileymoore_18